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Simple Machines

Simple Machines

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Simple Machines can be fun! I've included clip art and photographs that, along with concrete materials that you gather, help bring this topic to life.

This resource includes:
• Learning About Machines - Definitions
• Six Types of Simple Machines - Definitions
• Simple Machines - Students describe/define each type of machine.
• Machine Examples - Students give examples (draw and label or draw and write) about each machine
• Worksheets for identifying the six types of simple machines
• Classroom, Home, and Neighborhood Hunts
• Sorting Page and Pictures - Cut and Paste
• Understanding Levers - Exploring fulcrum, load, and effort
• Mechanisms
• Class Book
• Sort Headers, Pictures, and Photographs
• Mini Posters
• Info Cards
• Test/Quiz
• And more!

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Pages: 68

File Type: PDF

Grades: 2

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