About Me

Welcome teacher friends! I’m Nicole Brown and I am the face behind Brownie Points Teaching. I am a primary teacher, avid learner, and accidental entrepreneur! Creating resources for teachers is a passion *nerd alert*. I treasure the opportunity to connect with educators all around the world and I’m humbled to know that my resources are helping students and teachers.

I began my career as a kindergarten teacher before moving to first grade with a brief stint in second grade. I love teaching primary - the children are so willing and eager to learn and provide unconditional love and admiration! I am currently the teacher-librarian of a K-5 school and I love it!

I graduated from the University of Toronto with majors in human biology and psychology and while I don’t use those advanced concepts I learned, I enjoy teaching science and math. I also love reading and picture books. I love that (among other things!) I get paid to discover and share diverse texts.


A collage of pictures of me