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Sick Simon - Germs and Staying Healthy

Sick Simon - Germs and Staying Healthy

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Share this cute story about germs and staying healthy - Sick Simon by Dan Krall. Simon goes to school when he is sick because he just loves going to school - sound familiar?! Simon ends up infecting the entire student body, much to the delight of a set of germs that he meets. They explain how he does an amazing job of spreading them around. Simon becomes determined to change his habits and begins to practice good hygiene.

There are a variety of no-prep and low-prep activities in this packet that you can use as follow-up to this book. Pick and choose what works best for you and your students.


• Story Summary/Cloze - Fill in the blanks to complete the story retelling.
• Story Map - Characters, setting, problem, solution.
• Beginning, Middle End - Retell the story.
• Sequence the Story - Cut and paste the events and put them in order.
• Making Connections - Text to self, text, and world.
• Simon’s Week – Recap the events of Simon’s week.
• Advice from Simon - Write a letter to Simon’s sick classmate with helpful tips.
• Old Simon or New Simon - Are you like the old Simon or new?
• I Would Rather Not - Explain which germ would be the worst to catch.
• Spin a Silly Story - Select a germ and a setting and write a story (use a paper clip and a pencil to create a spinner).
• Remedies - Color the remedies that help you when you’re sick.
• Sick Me - Draw and describe how you look and feel when you’re sick.
• K.W.H.L. - Germs - Complete a K.W.H.L. chart about germs.
• Draw a Germ - Draw a real or imaginary germ.
• Write About It - Picture prompts.
• Germ Attack Story - Write a story about germs that took over your class.
• Glitter Germs Experiment - Teacher notes, discussion questions, procedure page with pictures, report page.
• How-To Writing - How to blow your nose, how to wash your hands (2 versions).
• When To Wash Your Hands - Brainstorm when to wash hands.
• Posters - How to stop the spread of germs and how to wash your hands.

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Pages: 32

File Type: PDF and Google Slides

Grades: 1 and 2

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