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Energy In Our Lives

Energy In Our Lives

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This resource supports the science strand: Energy In Our Lives.

Students know a lot more about energy than they think! This unit looks at heat, light, sound, electricity, batteries, gasoline, wind, sun/solar, food, and people.

I've included a lot of worksheets and visuals. Some worksheets I completed with the class using a document camera. There are options for differentiation as well.

• Unit Ideas
• Electricity Makes Life Easier Puzzles
• LOTS of worksheets on identifying the various energy sources and outputs
• Energy Sort Headers and Pictures
• Food Chain activities
• Conservation of Energy
• Homework Pages
• Writing/Discussion Prompts
• Class Books
• Songs/Poems
• Energy Test

This product is part of a Grade 1 Science - Ontario Curriculum Bundle.

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Pages: 85

File Type: PDF

Grades: 1

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