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Black Communities in Canada

Black Communities in Canada

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Looking for an engaging way for students to learn about historic Black communities in Canada? Try this scavenger hunt! You will get your students moving while they read informational text and search for clues to complete the task. This activity incorporates reading comprehension and critical thinking skills.


  • 10 reading passages about Black communities (Africville, Amber Valley, Birchtown, Buxton, Hogan’s Alley, Little Burgundy, Shiloh, St. John’s Ward, The Bog, Willow Grove)
  • 10 questions
  • Student recording sheet
  • Student directions
  • Teacher directions
  • Teacher answer key

Students will hunt for answers to basic comprehension questions or fill-in-the-blank sentences with short reading passages that contain clues and the code word. But here’s the twist – the answer won’t be found on that card! Students will have to read all the other cards to find the answer, forcing them to re-read and search for the evidence.

This scavenger hunt has two components:

  1. Students will read 10 short passages which will reveal the question of their next clue or code word. After finding each code word, students will write them down on their answer sheet.
  2. Students will unscramble the letters in the grey-shaded boxes to reveal the final word.

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Grades: 3

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